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Find fitness space rentals in the Cheyenne, WY area

The team at Elevate Studios knows you can achieve success in anything you do. Our job is to help you do that. That's why we have fitness space rentals and fitness studio rentals available in Cheyenne, WY.

You can rent out our main room that has mirrored walls, moveable bleachers and TVs that are connected to YouTube. This is a great place for an aerobics class, a martial arts ceremony or a sales presentation. You can also rent out our weight room. Whether you want to hold your workout classes there or you just need a meeting space, you can make the room work for you.

Call 307-426-4154 right now to book a 90-minute block. We have 10 blocks available every day.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Learn about how we're here to help you realize your potential.

The Main Room

The Main Room

Book your next event or showcase at our venue.

The Weight Bay

The Weight Bay

Work out, lead a class or just find a space in our weight bay.

Book Now

Book Now

Reach out to book a space for your class or event.

Why should you use our facilities?

If you need a place to host an event in Cheyenne, WY or a spot to train on a regular basis, Elevate Studios is the place for you. Book a session at our place today because our facilities are:


We keep our fitness space rentals clean and sanitary. You can be sure the space will be ready for you when you rent it.


You'll find that our facilities are easy to set up, no matter what event or class you have planned.


Our fitness studio rentals can be used for a wide variety of classes, workouts or meetings.

Elevate Group Training Studios is located in the 1957 distribution warehouse of the 1937 Coca-Cola bottling plant, located on the corner of E. Lincolnway and Nationway.

Elevate Studios has the perfect facilities for personal trainers, teachers, and professionals to lead classes and give presentations. Between our two rooms, with state-of-the-art tech and features, you can hold any kind of meeting or workout.

Why spend big dollars on a building with a multi year lease just for a few classes a week, when you can just lease studio space for the time you need it.

Don't let your lack of facilities hold you and your business back Talk to us about Elevate Group Training Studios to see how we can help you. 307-426-4154.

Our goal at Elevate Studios is to make your life better. We provide Training Studios to everyone from personal trainers to music instructors and everyone in between. We want to help you:
•Reach your goals and realize your ambitions
•Become the person you want to be
•Become the best version of yourself
•Unlock your gifts and potential
Our team will work with you to make sure you get what you need out of our space. If you want to elevate your life and reach your Goals and Dreams, ask about our Studio spaces and how we can help. It is our mission to foster and Champion your Dreams and goals.

Our Mission statement can be wrapped up in a Poem by Marianne Williamson, which we believe in 100% and describes our mission 100%!


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